Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Mistake Poem

I came across this poem recently and simply loved it. I enjoyed reading it and I am sure you would too. Though I am not sure who exactly is the poet of this poem. If you have any idea, let me know. The poem is about making mistakes, accepting it, asking for forgiveness and learning from those mistakes. Enjoy the poem!

A Mistake

    - By Poet Unknown

I know I went wrong somewhere,
I know it was at your stake,
I know at all it wasn't fair,
I'm sorry, it was my mistake.

Things don't always go right in life,
That doesn't mean we break apart,
To forgive and to forget,
That's the rule and life's art.

A trauma of feelings, a jamboree of thoughts,
All caught up and muddled between ought, nots, and oughts,
The blunder is done, let me find the track,
In this world of actions, there is no looking back.

Never will I moan,
Never will I fret,
If you do understand me,
Let's all forgive and forget.

And pretend that nothing happened before,
And that it as never born,
For at dusk you might look around you,
And find yourself forlorn.

Never with mistakes does life blotch,
You only look at it as worse,
It is made up of attitudes alone,
Life is beautiful and never a curse.

You learn from mistakes,
You earn from mistakes,
A lifetime of experience,
As richest as ever.

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