Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Expansion of Idea - For Some The Journey is Quicker, For Some The Journey is Slow

Life is a journey. Each day you try and reach a new milestone. For some the journey of life is quick for some it is slow. Each one of us live life our own way. Everyone has their own goals, dreams and objective they wish to achieve. We try to fulfill our objectives and achieve our goals depending on our merit. Our skills and abilities provide us with the opportunity to make the most out of our life.

For some the journey is slow and for some the journey of achieving success is fast. This speed depends on how important it is for one to reach the goal. For some the only purpose of life is to make their dreams come true. But not everyone think that way and then they stagnate and live a dreary life. Then there are few who reach success on a slower pace, because they face many obstacles and yet never back out.

The journey of life allows us to come across varied experiences and vast opportunities. We meet people and learn different lessons. It is all about how you take each and every opportunity and try to enrich your life. Some let opportunities go and repent their whole life. Opportunities once lost can never be found again. Hence it is important that we take life in a positive way and make the most out of it. By doing so we can continue with the journey of life on a much faster pace. 


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