Monday, April 9, 2018

Why Do We Have Lines on the Palms of Our Hand

The lines that we have on our palm are known as the palmar creases or palmer flexion. These are the tiny ridges on the palm surface which depend upon the bone structure and the arrangement of muscles on an individual's hand. These tiny ridges are strong where the fingers and the thumb meet. These lines that we have on our palm help us fold and stretch our skin, when our hands bend. This folding of skin calls for a better grip and also prevents in the skin from tearing easily. These lines on our palm also help us to hold things firmly.

The lines that we have on our palm differ from person to person. Though Science is yet to figure out why patterns of the palmer creases differ from one individual to other. Yet it is said that the creases start to appear right when the skin starts forming. This process takes place within the womb, as the human hands develop the lines on the palm at around the 12th week of gestation and are present on a infant's hand right when it is born. The few factors that may affect the thickness or the presence of the number of lines on an individual's palm could be family history, race etc.

It is believed by many that the lines on the palms of our hand can tell our future. Many people believe in the practice of Palmistry. Fact to be told, no way one can predict the future of an individual by reading the lines on the palms of our hand.

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