Monday, April 23, 2018

Expansion of Idea - Live and Let Live

Life is the best gift to mankind. Enjoying life and allowing others to enjoy so is the right thing to do. Making use of every opportunity available to us helps to make life better. Such opportunities should be enjoyed and allowed others to enjoy as well. Every person has the right to make the most of the opportunity provided to him to improve his standard of living and to develop his own skills. Man in his own greed at times, takes away such opportunity from others who too deserve to enjoy. By doing so, we destroy the peace and well being of others.

No one can predict the time allotted to them to make their presence on this earth. Hence one should make the right use of his time and allow others to do so too. But greed overpowers all the desires. Greed not just to have everything to oneself, but greed to peace, greed to fame, greed to power and greed to success makes man cruel and selfish. In such cases, we destroy lives of others and bring harm to innocent people. We should allow each and everyone the opportunity to live and enjoy life. Every one has the right to do so. No one is less fortunate than other. 'Live and let live' indeed should be the prime principle of every individual's life.


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