Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Career As A Nurse

If the term 'compassionate' defines you and you have the willingness to serve the ill, then nursing is just the profession for you. A career in nursing is always in demand. given the rise to innumerable health care establishments, institution, orphanage and old age homes. Even the tremendous growth of private practitioners and small nursing homes boosts for the demand of trained nurses. Nurses in a wide array, shoulder a big responsibility and play a significant role in healthcare profession. The responsibilities of a nurse is more than any other career or profession could demand. And hence only those who have immense will power, dedication and spirit to serve as well as those who are ready to work for long hours in severe stressful conditions should opt for this career.

Responsibility of a Nurse

A nurse tends to shoulder a great responsibility as he or she play a significant role in healthcare profession. Few of these responsibility includes:

- Taking bedside care and nursing patients by administering medicines and prescribed treatments.

- To maintain day to day records of each patients.

- To carry various duties to be performed by the nurse.

- To supervise the arrangement of the medical equipment and to monitor the performance of each of these equipment.

- In specialty hospitals, nurses need to acquire complete knowledge and experience of particular specialty they are working for such as cardiac care, pediatric care, orthopedic care and so on.

- A nurse should be competent and aware of the latest technological development and advancements in the medicine fields.

Aptitude for Being a Nurse

The career as a nurse is adept for those who can call themselves patient, responsible and dedicated. Since the profession of nursing calls for loads of hard work, pressure and stressful conditions; being physically fit is a must. Being watchful, alert, compassionate and tactful are few of the qualities the nursing profession demands for. A nurse needs to master the efficiency on how he or she an handle a patient and yet be professional. When coming to care for patients, a nurse should still be able to identify the thin line between the instinct to serve without getting emotionally attached. Being pleasant in all situations is an important criteria of being a nurse.

Eligibility for Being a Nurse

After completing 10 + 2 in Science field, a person can apply for Bachelor in Nursing. Though many opt for Diploma in Nursing, which is of a duration of one year to 18 months, yet a Bachelor's Degree is a must for those who wish to pursue a Ph.D in Nursing. A Ph.D in Nursing can be pursued only after the successful completion of Post Graduation in Nursing. Certain specializations can also be opted for, if you have some specialties particularly in mind. For example a student can opt for a specialization in Neonatal Nursing, Public Health Nursing or even in Psychiatric Nursing as part of their Ph.D program. One more specialization a person can opt for is the Industrial Nursing, wherein a student learns more about nursing and being in assistance of the industrial physicians. What an Industrial nurse learns is more about the knowledge of Preventive measures and first aid that could be provided to people who have met untoward mishaps or accidents happening within the industrial premises.

Scope for a Nurse

After successful completion of their nursing course, a person can seek employment with the nurse career choices as a Nurse Practitioner, registered nurse or a nursing assistant in many government as well as private healthcare centers, nursing homes, orphanages, schools, sanatoriums, old age homes, industries as well as armed forces. A nurse can also seek employment with organizations such as Red Cross Society or NGOs depending upon what direction her heart is set out and also how she wishes to contribute to the society. The profession of nursing has no expiration date, as health and medical advancements would always hold the topmost priority for the mankind. 

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