Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Power of Being Yourself - How Can You Make A Difference

History is the proof that one person can change, create or destroy the world if he wishes to. If a person has an insight of what he wants to be in life and if he has the will and determination then there is nothing that can stop him from achieving his goals. A single individual does have a redoubtable power to accomplish his goals all by himself without worrying about the hurdles that would be placed in front of him. The realization of dream and the determination to achieve it can make a real difference to not just to one but to the society at large. Thus just by being oneself a person can really make a difference to people around him. In today's world, children seem to think more about bringing such changes within the society. Nowadays we see children wondering about how can they make the difference in the society. They have more to offer to the people around them, as they are young, strong-willed and determined.

History in itself has examples of several such individuals who had made a difference within the society single-handedly. People like Mahatma Gandhi and Gautam Buddha have managed to contribute remarkably to the society all alone by just being themselves. Their ideas and opinions were such that everyone had to accept and walk with them. And they are not just all, there are many such individuals who, just by being themselves and with their determination managed to make a difference to the destiny of an entire nation.

Making a Difference by Contributing to the Society

Once a child is determined to achieve his goals, then age of this individual does not matter at all. Determination within yourself helps to undertake a noteworthy change in not just your life but also on the life of others around you. Even a child can carry on tasks, if he wishes to contribute to the society. If the goal that you plan to achieve is to contribute within the society by making significant involvement, no matter small or big, then you can do so by undertaking simple tasks around you. Such simple tasks would include certain activities that you would wish to undertake depending upon how you wish to contribute to the society. Few of these tasks could include:

1. Visit to an old age home and spending quality time with old and abandoned people. You can read to them, write letters for them, help them with some of their daily chores, participate in activities along with them such as gardening or reading, playing indoor games such as chess.

2. Visit orphanage and spend time with children who are less fortunate that us. You can distribute books, pens, pencils, drawing materials etc, read to them or play with them.

3. Visit Special schools and take care of specially challenged children.

4. Just lend out a helping hand to someone in need. It could be a kid next door, who needs help with homework or some craft activity or an elderly neighbor who needs to get some medicines from pharmacy.

5. Help your parents to carry on some household chores.

6. Teach kids of nearby slums or even giving tution to your maid's child.

7. Register with a NGO and volunteer for activities which spark your interest such as help in collecting old clothes, donations, toys, books etc.

Making a Difference by Contributing Towards Nature

If the goal that you plan to achieve is to contribute towards nature, then you can make significant involvement towards activities which help restore or balance the nature. Such activities could include:

1. Being considerate towards animals and creating awareness of such.

2. Create awareness among people about environmental degradation and explain them how use of plastic bags could harm the nature.

3. Helping people understand the importance of tree plantation.

4. Encouraging children from the society to join you in plantation drive within the society premises.

5. Create awareness among people and your friends about the importance of saving electricity.

6. Help people understand the importance of saving water.

7. Encouraging children from your society to join you in cleanliness drive.

8. Create awareness among people about importance of recycling paper, cans and plastic bottles.

9. Register with a NGO and volunteer for animal shelter or nature care activities.

However it does not mean that you should spend your entire time towards reaching your goals. A small step at a time should be sufficient too. Starting slow and carrying on until you get the hold of it on how you wish to continue towards achieving your goals is important.

Once you take a first step alone, you will realize that one can single-handedly carry on to make a difference in lives of people, at least few of those around you. The satisfaction that you would get by doing something you enjoy doing most  and the positive effect it would have on lives of others will make your life meaningful. Even teaching your maid's child and seeing him learn something he otherwise would not have will provide you enough encouragement to go on. That would be your first step towards Victory. And finally remember that no one else is going to help you achieve your dreams, you have to use the power of being yourself to bring that change you wish to see for the betterment of the society or the world in large. 

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