Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How do Eyes Get Their Colour

No two people in the world have the exact same eye colour. Eye get its colour from the melanin pigment which is present in the iris. Usually when a baby is born, there is an absence of melanin and hence the baby has a blue coloured eye. The melanin is produced by the melanocyte stroma only within 6 to 36 months after birth of a child, and thus the child get its permanent eye colour then.

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Very little or complete absence of melanin gives an eye it's blue colour. Adding more melanin than regular makes an eye green. Little more melanin and the eye appears in different shades of brown or hazel. The exact amount of melanin present within your iris is determined by once genetic factor.

Since melanin is not repeatedly produced by one's eye, our eyes may get little lighter or darker as time goes by. Eye colour also changes with factors like stress, medication, health problems and sickness. As we start aging the eyes increase melanin production which also can cause change in the eye colour. 

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