Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What is Wildfire

Also referred commonly as forest fire, grass fire, bush fire, brush fire, hill fire or woodland fire; a wildfire is a uncontrollable fire which usually occur in wild land ares and tend to cause maximum damage. Though the wildfires usually start in forest areas, yet if not brought under control, spread quickly destroying vegetation or agricultural areas within the vicinity. Usually forest fires happen in those areas, which are with ample dry bushes where once ignited and left unnoticed, the fire spreads quickly.

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Causes of Wildfire

There are many causes of wildfires which include a

- lightning

- volcanic eruptions

- heat waves

But the most common cause of wildfire is human carelessness. On an average out of every ten wildfires, eight are caused by people. Few factors like drought, climatic changes may also impact a risk of wildfire. During droughts, wildfire are particularly prevalent, as the dry leaves, twigs, branches etc may become highly inflammable and if a small ignite went unnoticed, could cause fire and read widely throughout the area destroying homes. Wildfire can lead to death of animals and destruction of property.

Wildfire are common occurrence in the wildland areas of United States and Canada. Same is the case with the vegetation areas of Australia and Western Cape of South Africa. 

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