Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Expansion of Idea - Laughter is the Best Medicine - 2

In today's world, where anxiety and stress tend to rule over us, laughter is the only thing that can help us stay put. Considered as a good agent of relaxation, laughter works as a real stress-buster, as it releases positive energy within. We live in a mechanized world where we have no time to entertain and socialize with people. And hence laughter comes out as the only solution to lighten our moods and relax us a bit, so that we get ready to await our next challenge.

Laughter clubs are seen established throughout the city. We find people coming together in gardens early morning to spend some quality time laughing out and reliving stress. Usually old people are found in larger groups creating their own laughter club in gardens. By laughing out loud they forget the drudgery of life, their old age problems and the pain. Instead of taking anti-depressants, people are getting more and more involved in the favorable effects of laughter. As compared to anti-depressants which can leave you with loads of side effects, laughter brings with it pure pleasure and fun.

Cracking jokes makes us laugh, which in turn stimulates our body and improves blood circulation. Laughing also brings glow to our face and provides an excellent exercise for our facial muscles. So next time you get hit by an anxiety attack, laugh it out and feel the difference. Not only laughter will leave you refreshed but it will boost new vigor and enthusiasm in your dull and boring life. 

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