Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why Do Our Hands and Feet Go Numb?

Very often we experiences our hands and feet go numb. This usually happens when we sit in certain position for a long time or even when our hand or feet is folded for a long time. Once you change your sitting position or stand and relax you legs, give a rub to the numbed portion or pinch it, the tingling sensation within your numbed part slowly recedes and you body regains normalcy.  This numbness is usually temporary and diminishes after a while, but in certain instances, such numbness could become permanent.

What Causes Numbness

While sleeping many of us are in the habit of placing their arms under their head. When we do so the nerve signals are blocked as the pressure is applied on nerves. Same is the case when you cross your legs or fold them into sitting position for a long time. In such cases the body part resumes normalcy as soon as you rub your hand for a while or change the position. But it is not just the position that could block the nerve cells, it could also be some diseases such as kidney failure, diabetes, and vitamin deficiency or a damage due to some accident that could cause to block the nerve cells and stop the blood circulation. Few other reasons could include alcoholism, infections and autoimmune diseases such as Lupus and paralysis.

However the tingling sensation that you experience within your hands or feet may be followed by severe pain. Such a condition where the nerves are distantly blocked right from the part of the body that experiences numbness up to the brain is known as Peripheral Neuropathy. In this condition nerves are blocked distantly right from the brain throughout the spinal chord upto the hand or feet. In such cases a person may find it difficult to feel anything in his hands or legs and the numbness could overpower his sensations.

Numbness which is temporary usually disappears in no time. But certain numbness that has caused due to nerve damage or other diseases need medical evaluation. Medical field has solutions to regenerate the ability of peripheral nerve cells to overcome numbness as long as the nerve cells are not completely destroyed. 

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