Friday, August 18, 2017

Expansion of Idea - We are a Part of Environment, Not Apart from Environment

Whenever there are news about environment degradation, global warming or various pollution problems, we tend to feel sad and then forget about it, as if it is not our problem. We curse others for the problems they create to the environment and try to play safe as if we are not part of it. We leave the solution to the problem on the government and blame it for not doing anything. Thus we fail to realize that it is not just the government who should try to solve the environmental problems, but we too are part of the environment and not apart from it.

We, as living beings maintain a symbiotic relationship with the environment. Our actions affect the environment and which in turn affects us back. Whether we would exist or not is totally upon the different aspects of the environment. And hence we play an important part in keeping our environment balance. If environment loses its balance, we are badly affected, our existence is badly affected and hence we should actively participate in playing our part in safekeeping our Mother Nature. It is time that we realize our existence totally depends on the environment and by assuming that we are apart from it, we are actually threatening our own existence. 


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