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Importance of Ethics for Kids

Apart from good education and knowledge, ethics helps us to make choices that shape out our beliefs and allows us to supervise the decisions that we take throughout our life. Importance of ethics in life of kids need to be understood well. Ethics help us to have conscience and shouts us the reality loud and clear that we are mere human with heart and soul. Ethics similar to that of education, never leave us. It helps to govern us in every sphere of our life. Ethics also help us to create a ray of hope when depression or disillusionment tries to seep in. Ethics help us to rise above all odds even in the realm of hopelessness. Your behavior and personality is demonstrated by the way you perceive ethics.

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We usually try to differentiate ethics from moral and value; wondering what is different about them. Values are the standard rules that we set to make for our decisions. It help us to understand what is right and what is wrong. Values help us to decide what is more valuable for us and what is not. This helps us indirectly to make the right choices. Morals help us to judge a person or his character. On a broad spectrum, moral has wide influence on us than values. Ethics on the other hand is a combination of both moral and values which helps us to make set of rules, embraced by group of people. A person with lack of ethics or moral values could classify him as a living being without heart and soul.

Our thought process usually is defined by it's ability to make certain decisions based on the questionnaire which include -

- How not to be prejudiced against people.

- To have a sportsman spirit.

- To be truthful.

- To have compassion not just for humans but every living being around us.

- To avoid bad language.

Our ability to answer these questions helps shaping our thought process and make us who we are. So does the lessons of the value education which we learn in classrooms. Overall these things help us to sculpt our own identity.

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Ethics and Value Education

Children often skip their value education classes or substitute them with other pursuits such as hobby classes or sports practice or even prefer spending time learning academics. But what they tend to forget by doing so is how they are actually missing on the most important lessons of life, which could help them carve their own self. The importance of values education needs to be understood by children as well as their parents. Value education helps a child to construct a solid base of ethics which can provide him an insight of being right about his decisions. Value education helps a child to judge rationally in every stage of life including even smaller decisions of right or wrong such as -

- Whether it is right to bully someone?

- Whether it is right to cheat in exams?

- Whether it is right to lie to parents and teachers?

 Whether it is okay to gain success by unfair practices?

When a child is about to answer all these questions fairly, then the lessons of value education has reaped it's benefits.

Ethics and Moral Values

A child is a good child when he is capable to illustrate all the moral values inculcated in him. These moral values could include values of -

- Respect

- Responsibility

- Integrity

- Compassion

- Determination

All these above mentioned values help a child to make ethical and righteous decisions in life. Thus moral values play an important role imbibing ethics in a child's life. Whenever a child is in a position of making a decision, how big or small, he would ask himself first - 'Is this the right thing to do?' When a child makes decisions based on this simple question, always remember that not one person will have the power to influence him. The decision of this child would be completely based on his moral conscience.

Lack of Ethics

Thus we understand that ethics help to carve a child's identity and allows to shape his own beliefs. But wonder what happens with lack of ethics in kids! Lack of ethics happen when value education and moral values are neglected. Thus lack of ethics may inculcate negative impact on a child's conscience. The capability of making right decisions is completely depleted, which further influences the criminal tendencies. Thus lack of ethics in kids could result in major unrest and downfall of the society.

Ethics - Role of Parents and Teachers

And hence to get things right, it is imperative to introduce moral values and value education in a child's life, right from the beginning. It is important to teach ethics in primary school by introducing value education and moral values. And introducing them as part of the current education system is not enough; but parents too can play an important role in inculcating ethics in children. A parent too can start early helping a child understand the importance of ethics and moral values. An authoritative figure such as a father, mother or teacher are been looked upon as role models by the kids. And hence their perception of right or wrong can heavily measure upon a child. Thus unknowingly actions and decisions of parents could leave a remarkable impression on a pre-conventional level in a child's life. If you as a parent show compassion toward animals, a child learns it too. If you respect others, a child grasps that value too. If you spread love, a child is bound to do the same. 

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