Sunday, June 11, 2017

Essay - Is Studying Grammar Better than Practicing Conversation

Studying Grammar is definitely better than practicing conversation. As all know that language is the most effective means of communication and the ability of people to talk is one of the skills that makes human way different from the rest of the animal world. Animals have simple language to communicate as in few of the noises they make. But on the other hand, human are known to speak many languages throughout the world.

Practicing conversation could be very easy, all one has to know words and speak or write them. But knowing words alone does not suffice . Each and every word has to be put in a definite order so that they make sense when spoken, and this is where grammar plays its role. Grammar teaches us to use words in proper punctuation and sequence which provides complete justice to the conversation we are having. 

People who plan to govern the language by practicing conversation without studying grammar fail miserably in their efforts to communicate with others. In turn during such conversations such people can be misunderstood more often. By doing so they make a complete fool of themselves with their lack of knowledge of Grammar. But on the other hand a person who has studied grammar and uses it effortlessly in his conversation can make an impression on to his listeners. Such person stands out in the crowd and gains success with his remarkable communication skills.

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