Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kiddle - Safe Search Engine for Kids

We always worry about our child's safety, when it comes to their web browsing. Web-browsing for children is definitely necessary, as they have to check answers, details, work on projects and so on. But parents get real worried with the exposure the kids have to unlimited media and world which is harmful for kids. While web surfing, kids are exposed to information, media, images or even words which can be pretty harmful for their young minds. And that's not all, kids can fall prey to various dangerous activities and may provide sensitive data to people who may harm them or can turn out dangerous for them. 

Nowadays schools ask for projects which require complete research work and that's where internet comes into picture. Other than that kids enjoy watching movies, playing games, listening to songs, enjoying hobby activities and much more. Few young minds who are voracious readers, opt for reading books online and also enjoy researching or finding meanings for words they don't understand. Even using word search, synonyms, thesaurus and word builders are so much common these days. But whenever a child is online, web surfing how could one stop a parent hovering around! A chill-pill for parents has come in this case with the Kiddle Browser. 

Safe Search Engine - Kiddle

Kiddle Web Browser is a visual kids search engine, which is powered by Google. It helps kids to enjoy and experience safe web surfing, downloading images and videos which are filtered and assure safety. All the images, news and videos that are found on Kiddle Search are said to be tailored as 'Safe-Search'. There is no fear of kids searching keywords which they used to do in other browsers. With Kiddle, only kid-safe filtered data is produced. This stuff that is shown as a result for Kiddle Search is only related to kids. For example, if your child searches for a word say, 'Apple"; the first result the Google Web Browser would give you is about Company Apple, but in Kiddle 'apple search' would be related to fruit information, nursery rhymes, videos and other results suitable for kids. Only if the kid searches for Company Apple, then the relevant data would be shown on Kiddle and that too the data related to what this particular company is doing for kids as their audience. 

Usually the first three results that are shown in Kiddle search are specifically for kids, which are been hand-picked and checked thoroughly by Kiddle Editors. The design of Kiddle is child-friendly, so the kids tend to enjoy the surfing and web-browsing. The best part about Kiddle is that, it claims to not collect any personal information or identifiable information on kids. There is no registration or downloading required. Thus no personal information on the child would be made available on the web through Kiddle. Kiddle is basically a juniors safe search where all a parent can expect is a safe search results for kids. Usually the websites that are oriented through search results from Kiddle are been recommended by educators, librarians and concerned parents across the globe.

How Safe is Kiddle

As mentioned earlier, Kiddle is a safe search engine and hence parents can trust their children to custom search safely with Kiddle. Kiddle images are safe for children so are Kiddle games. Kiddle videos provide a safe video search for kids. The first three searches, as I said earlier are hand-picked, the next four searches include names of sites that are kids- friendly and usually include content understandable to kids. From result 8 onwards, the sites which usually provide expert content, written by adults yet for kids are provided. Hence one can be assured that the results are kid-oriented and do not contain explicit content. If sensitive words are used during a search on Kiddle, the guard robot blocks the search. Kiddle app can be easily downloaded on the kid's smart phones to help them browse information whenever they need. Google Kiddle for a safe Kiddle download. 

For example, if the term 'sex'  or 'porn' is used in the Kiddle search it usually blocks the search. Though terms like 'transgender', 'gay', 'lesbian' etc would provide relevant searches. The sites listed for these word searches usually are kids friendly, at least in the first few searches. But still, parents should definitely supervise the search on Kiddle, as the search finally depends totally on the use of keywords. Yet, one must say that Kiddle does a splendid job with preventing and blocking sites which contain adult content, unjustified violence, nudity and swearing. 

Kiddle Site Blocking Request

Kiddle provides an option for parents to use a form, where in a parent can fill in such keywords or sites that they have found on Kiddle Search and don't wish their children to see. By using this option parents actually help Kiddle do better filtering and blocking. Once the form is submitted, Kiddle promises to take action immediately and help Kiddle Search do better. 

Kiddle Internet Safety Tips for Parents and Educators

Kiddle provides certain internet safety tips for parents and educators, which can help parents safeguard their kid's online experience much further. As it is to be understood that Kiddle Search can be helpful only to a certain limit, and beyond that it is totally on the specific child to handle himself. Hence it is the duty of parents and educators to inform and teach kids how to take care of themselves and their privacy. Speaking one to one with a child is really helpful. A child has to know how much he should be speaking about himself to strangers and thus not posting information about him and his family on the internet. He or she needs to be explained the importance of the passwords and how revealing them to outsiders can be dangerous. Also it is the duty of a parent to regularly monitor his children activities , about which sites they regularly visit or which apps they use on the internet. The child should me made aware of the threats and dangers some sites can cause them if they try to access it. 

Thus one can say that Kiddle can be safely recommended to kids as a safe search engine. It will definitely help a child to have a wonderful experience filled with fun and education. If the child understands how to use Kiddle in a safer manner, then Kiddle would be the best tool for him when it comes to learning and understanding topics that are relevant for his personal and mental development.

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