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How to Write a Good Essay

Not everybody is born to write a good essay! I must say, some possess born talent to write good, engaging essays. But that does not mean those who do not possess such skills, cannot acquire them to pen down good essay. To write a good essay one must do some preparation, and mind you this preparation has to be done even by those who possess natural talents. Once the basic preparation is done, then as soon as you start writing an essay the flow of thoughts pour down sequentially and thus a good essay materialises.

How to write a Good Essay

Get a Clear Idea about the Subject of Essay

Before writing an essay, it is important to get a clear idea about the subject of the essay you are attempting to write. It is important that there is no misunderstanding about the meaning of the topic that is been selected by you to write the essay. Select topic on the basis of your knowledge about it. If a topic is not understood well, then the essay that you plan to write would go all wrong and you may just end up writing something irrelevant to the topic.

Jot Down Points

Now as soon as you have understood the topic, start writing down all the points that flash through your mind related to the topic. When we think of a subject to write down on an essay, we automatically start thinking about various points pertaining to essay, but if we don't jot down those points immediately, we may just forget few of those when we actually start writing an essay. These points could be anything pertaining to the topic, for example, if you plan to write an essay on Discipline, then points such as success, values of discipline, hard work, achieving goals etc would flash through your mind and you would want to discuss these points in the essay. So it is important that you jot down these points on a side of your paper or a notepad.

Arrange the Points in Order

Now that you have a clear idea about the subject of the essay, and few points are being jotted down by you pertaining to the subject, start adding a proper sequence to these points. Try to arrange these points in proper order, so as to where and when you wish to include these points and discuss about them. Try and make an arrangement in such a manner that it helps you grasp the attention of your reader.

Make a Good Introduction

Once the points are in order, see that you make a good start. The way an essay opens up to the reader is very important for his further engagement. If a essay starts out in a dull fashion, then there are chances that the reader would assume that the essay is just boring and would not even skip out the rest of the content. The introduction of an essay should be attractive yet slightly brief. It is important to make a good introduction if you plan to write a good essay. The introduction should include  brief explanation about the way you treat the subject. Starting with a proverb, a saying, a quotation, an incident or even a small story can work wonders to your introduction part of the essay.

Stick to the Topic

Throughout the essay, while penning down your thoughts and ideas see that you stick to the topic. Don't try to stray away from the subject and confuse the reader. Whenever writing an essay on a particular topic never include ideas or thoughts which are not related to the subject.

Don't be Repetitive

The most boring aspect for a reader while reading an essay is the repetition. While reading an essay reading the same thoughts or sentiments again and again throughout the essay are not welcome. Make sure that while connecting the points or discussions in an essay you do not repeat sentiments or expressions or even use the same key word over and over again.

Avoid Usage of Short Forms

Short forms such as won't. shan't, don't, shouldn't etc should be avoided including in an essay. Try and avoid using numerals too in an essay. They portray an essay in a bad form. A use of abbreviations such as e.g., etc, should be avoided, instead use full forms like for example, so on and on.

Use the Same Tense Sequence

This is one of the key rule one should definitely follow while writing an essay. Suppose if you have started writing an essay in past tense, then you should continue the essay throughout in past tense. The whole essay should be written in a same sequence of tenses.

Be Simple and Precise

Instead of using complex sentences, which if not used carefully may destroy the whole essence of your essay; it is advisable to go simple. Try using simple words and sentences in your essay. Try to be direct and precise. Try not to be tempted in using complex or big words just for the sake of impressing the examiners or readers.

Express Yourself

Writing essay is all about expressing yourself. One important rule about writing a good essay is that you write it on the basis of your knowledge and imagination. When you write an essay try and express yourself. Let the reader know your genuine feelings and experiences. This helps readers to connect with you and enjoy your essay.

Reserve the Best for the Last

As much as an introduction is pivotal for penning down a good essay, the conclusion of an essay also holds a great importance. What has been started by you in a beautiful manner has to conclude in the similar impact. The conclusion of a good essay should be interesting and powerful. A dull and boring conclusion would spoil the whole show. It should sum up the arguments included in the essay and should prove that you made a valid point. It is necessary that all the arguments or discussions made in the essay are concluded with a strong view point. A inclusion of striking paraphrase or a quotation might be interesting.

Once you get through all these points and understand what and how to write, there is no stopping you. Just go ahead and pour out your thoughts and knowledge over an topic you know you could write a good essay about.

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