Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Expansion of Ideas - Speech is Silver But Silence is Gold

Man always has to carry the weightage of words he has spoken. Words once fall out of one's mouth can never be carried back. Such is the case of value of words and the value of silence. It is said that values of the words we speak is not more than silver, but value of silence we maintain is worth gold. When we start to speak or give our opinion on a particular subject, it is necessary that we have thought through before speaking. It is always important to know when to speak and how much to speak. Speaking unnecessarily on subjects we do not know much about, can land us in trouble. Hence, sometimes it is best to remain silent. The act of being silent is more powerful than  the act of speaking without knowledge.

When people have arguments where both the parties wish to prove their point, each one may start to speak irrelevant points just to portray himself wiser than the other or just to prove his point. But if one of them would just stay silent and wait for that perfect opportunity to prove his point, then maybe an argument would not get heated at all. Instead of blabbering insignificantly; which would not provide any solution one should use the power of silence to solve such situations. Thus Silence would prove out it's worth with the valuable role it would play in such situations and in our life.  


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