Friday, June 16, 2017

How to Tackle a Comprehension Passage

One of the best tools aimed at assessing a child's reading and communication skills as well as his understanding of the language, a comprehension passage plays an important role in school papers and assessments. A child is judged by the way he tackles the comprehension passage and answers the questions followed. A comprehension passage comprises of either a prose passage or a poem passage which is followed by multiple questions either factual, evaluative or interpretative. While answering those, a child exhibits his command over the language and thus gets assessed. Once you understand how exactly you should handle the comprehension passage, then there is no stopping you. Few outlines to be followed and then just go on dealing with it effortlessly.The English passage question and answers are much more easier to deal with if you learn how to tackle them correctly. Lets learn few tips and tricks about answering comprehension questions strategy.

How to Tackle a Comprehension Passage

Read the Passage

First, most important thing one should do is quickly yet carefully read the passage. Few students start answering right away without even giving a glance to the passage. This can be a big mistake and then the answers may just go wrong. So it is advisable to read the passage carefully. Time constraints call for quick reading but see that you are thorough and understand the passage well. In case of a poem passage you should read it a couple of times just to get the idea.

Read and Understand the Questions

Once you are done reading the passage, have a look at the questions and try to understand them. Read the questions carefully and get a gist of it.

Go Back to the Passage

Before you start answering, get a quick look at the passage and try to connect the questions with it. Try and locate the answers that you are seeking by combing through the passage. This will facilitate your answering process as you would know the exact location of the answers.

Start Answering

Now that you know where the answers are start answering the questions. Be precise and to the point. Try and answer in simple sentences and avoid complex sentences as much as possible. Answering comprehension questions strategy is to try to write short answers and yet be concise.

Give a Proper Title

A comprehension passage always asks for a heading. So before giving a heading or a title to the passage survey the passage once again. Try to focus on the dominant theme of the passage and then develop an ideal heading based on it.

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