Friday, June 16, 2017

Expansion of Idea - Destiny is Yours to Decide

It is indeed a regular occurrence when we see, many of us making comments on plight of a beggar or a street urchin lying on the corner of a street. We usually end up feeling sorry for them and for their destiny. We in our minds have come to a conclusion that whatever we endeavour is because we are destined to do. It does not come as a surprise indeed! This is a one common misconception that we have against the life of people around us. Why just others; we often talk in the similar manner about ourselves. Imagine many of us saying, "What can we say, lets see what is written in  his destiny?" One always tends to blame destiny for the suffering he goes through. Such comments are so carelessly abandoned that it denotes how we have come to an passive acceptance that we must accept all the ills happened to us, as we are been destined to do so. This indeed is a negative approach towards life which implies that you already accept the defeat without even putting a fight. What happens with such approach is that we do not try to fight against the odds as the feeling within us clearly states why should we, when we have no choice as this is our destiny. If this approach is maintained by parents then the upbringing of a child is much careless and aimless. In such cases children grow up with the same attitude and do not fight to make their own destiny. Though being a great country, still it lacks behind only because of such approach. One has to understand that there is no such thing and we make and create our own destiny. No one else, not even fate can interfere in it anyway. If, tomorrow you fail miserably in life, then look back and see for the mistakes you did, rather than blaming the destiny for it. What we become is not a matter of chance but it is one's own efforts and hard work. What we choose for is what we become. If you work hard then nobody can keep you away from your success. Destiny is yours to decide and nobody else can have a say in it. 

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  1. The expansion is really good but should have to more proverbs in it


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