Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How to Fight Depression Naturally

Most of us suffer from depression at some point in our lives. The feeling of trapped in my head can be due to depression. It could be mild to moderated depression, a result of stresses in life or even some incidents that can affect us beyond limit. Depression is a serious problem and shouldn't be ignored. It is said that pill-popping and prescriptions to anti-depressants have risen over the last decade, But mind you, this pill popping doesn't actually work for everyone. And for the rest of those who are benefited with anti-depressants, experience various side-effects such as anxiety, insomnia and restlessness among others. Always remember anti-depressants only take care of the symptoms and not the cause of the problems. Hence it is advisable to look for natural alternatives which would help you overcome depression and dark thoughts that usually flood your mind and also prevent the development of mental disorders. Let's learn how to fight depression naturally.

Working Out

It is commonly known that exercise can improve your mood and make you feel better. Exercising releases endorphins which is actually a make-you-feel-good chemical. Regular exercising offers a feeling of achievement which can boost self esteem. Exercise in any form; be it hitting a gym, yoga, dancing, jogging, weight lifting etc would be good. Practice of yoga is highly recommended to fight depression as the breathing techniques can help calm mind and help one feel better.

Being Outdoors Help

Being outdoors definitely helps to fight depression naturally. Research has suggested that one feels better being outdoors rather than indoors during depression. People suffering from depression usually try being indoors ending up being a couch potato. Taking a walk, exercising outside, going for a jog, gardening are some of the activities that can immensely help to combat depression. A stroll in the park amidst beautiful greenery is just the thing that works wonders for the disturbed state of mind.

A Good Balanced Diet

People suffering from depression go frenzy with food. Either they eat less or they just gorge. But when they gorge they prefer foods ladden with fats and salts. Foods such as chips, crisps, icecreams, chocolates, aerated sugary drinks become part of their diet. This further worsens the problem. Just eating some fresh fruits or vegetables can actually uplift our mood. Try including fruits, dry fruits, whole grains, cheese, eggs, fish (omega-3 rich fishes such as mackerel) etc in your daily diet. This will help in mood boosting.

Brighten your Mood

Do anything that brightens and improves your mood. Get a massage, it helps reliving the tension and improves mood. A deep body massage helps relax your muscles and releases tension. This indeed brightens your mood. Listening to songs that make you happy also brightens the mood. Spending a day shopping with friends cheers you up. Having lunch with people you enjoy spending time with can indeed brighten your mood. Starting a day with a smile can brighten your mood.

Nothing is as good as Music

Music is known to benefit our souls at emotional levels. Music heals thy soul! Music helps brain to relax and helps beat insomnia caused due to depression. To beat depression a little deviation is necessary. What better than music! Learn a musical instrument or attend musical workshop or give a shot at singing. Singing your heart out can remove the depressed feelings stuck inside your soul. Attending musical workshops will remove you from isolation and help you fight depression.

Take up Reading

Books are man's best friend and friends is what you need to combat depression. One just has to discover the healing power of books! Reading books of great authors actually inspire you and help you to cope up with life and its suffering. We relate to literature someway or the other by relating to personalities or characters of a book who delve in same situations as we do. When we read how this character fights all the barriers and fends for himself, we are motivated to come out of our difficult situation.

Adopt or Foster a Pet

They love you without a single selfish bone in their body. No expectations and loads of love in return! That's what love of a pet is all about, especially dogs. Nobody knows how actually it happens, but yes it does. Adopting or fostering pets can help you fight depression naturally. You may just forget about the anti-depressants! Loving a pet and getting loads of love in return can be a effective drug-free therapy where a person suffering from depression will engage himself in a joyful session with the adorable pets. Joining groups that care for animals, volunteering in fostering activities for abandoned pets  or animal shelters can take all the heaviness from your mind and make you happy beyond boundaries.

Talk about it

The best way to fight depression is by talking about it. What one needs during such time is a good listener. Talking about our problems and discussing them makes us feel as if some weight has been lifted from our shoulders. Then we start to relax. So talk to somebody whose company you prefer. Call you best buddy who would feel your pain. If you don't wish to talk to anybody in particular then write about it or else blog about it. Pour your heart out in some way or the other.

Thus take a step forward towards fighting depression naturally and everything else will fall into it's place perfectly.

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