Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Expansion of Idea - All That Glitters is Not Gold

It usually happens to most of us! We buy a book assuming if the cover is so attractive, how good the story would be. But it turns out that the story inside is not as good as the beautiful cover promised! But on the other hand a book with a dull cover may turn out much interesting than expected. And this is not limited to a book but many other things. A fancy restaurant may serve worse food ever, however a simple cafe or small restaurant would serve you the best food you might have eaten. Judging anything or anybody by it's appearance would be deceptive at times. Thus we must never make decisions based on the way anything appears in front of us, the way it is packaged or advertised. Nowadays we see innumerable advertisements about products which are shown in best light, nonetheless we know the truth only after using it. We often assume that a product is good because it is expensive, which is not  true at all.  Judging a person based of his appearances too can be misleading. A person like Mahatma Gandhi dressed in simple dhoti made his mark in front of well-dressed British. Similarly Abraham Lincoln was never appreciated for his looks yet he is considered to be one of the best Presidents of all time. Hence we can conclude that what appears beautiful may at times be uglier than we could imagine, as all that glitters would not be gold. 


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