Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Expansion of Idea - An Idle Mind is a Devil's Workshop

When a man's mind is idle, he is meant to face problems! Once the idle mind of a man starts indulging in the activity of it's own, then the problems seem to arise. One problem thus gives rise to other problem and so on. It could easily be associated with a child too. When a child has nothing to do, he starts engaging himself in things that do not belong or relate to him in the first place. The curiosity of a child makes him do things which he himself does not understand. For example, say a child would want to play with any appliance available at home, say a mixer-grinder. He would be curious enough to know how a machine works and would go on to play with it's buttons. If a parent is around, he would stop the kid from doing so. But when the child is alone, this curiosity of an idle mind may create a mishap.

Thus a child should be kept engaged with activities which are engrossing and entertaining. For example, small children can always enjoy a puzzle or educational game. Adult children can engage themselves in hobby cultivating activities such as reading, coin collecting, drawing, singing, cooking etc. This helps a child to keep his mind at work rather than keeping it idle and inviting problems. Same is the case with grown-ups who should always keep their mind engaged in activities they enjoy rather than constant worrying and bickering. An idle mind is a host of unnecessary thoughts which may lead to dangerous actions from such man. It is said that some dangerous things that happen in the world are a result of an idle mind. Hence one can say that an idle mind is a devil's workshop. The best one can do is engage in fruitful activities and thus keep his brains active for the betterment of his own self and the society at large.


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