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Career as a Sports Coach

In today's scenario, with new age athletes emerging on national and international levels; and also with schools and colleges showing keen interest in the sports development of the country, a career in sports coach is beckoning. The success that Sachin Tendulkar achieved, has its roots in his coaching from  coach Ramakant Achrekar. Similar can be said about each and every successful player in all the streams of sports. Coaching plays an important role in the success of each of these sports individuals. It is the mentors who work behind the scene to nurture raw talent and make them successful players, we come upon praising so much. A sports coach is a person who shapes a raw athlete to a true professional. Though, there are many who can play the role of a tutor, but very few stand out to wear the cap of a coach who has the capability and vision to eye the talent from the crowd who could make it big.

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Role of a Sports Coach

The role of a sports coach is to direct, train and instruct a player or a team. A sports coach helps a team by providing them assistance in means of counseling, instructions and improvisations to achieve successful levels of performance which they wouldn't otherwise have achieved on their own. A sports coach job description includes offering critical review or commendation on an athlete's or the whole team's performance. He or she works with players and athletes on all levels including school children who could be referred as beginners to professional players and teams. A sports coach responsibilities include a keen eye to point out the

- ability and proficiency of identifying an individual's potential

-  his strengths and his weaknesses

- the needs to work on the key areas by planning and

- implementing certain training programs to suit each individual.

A sports coaching not only includes physical training but also psychological fitness and assessment by offering maximum counselling and possible practical conditions to maximize best performance output.

Skills of a Sports Coach

To become a sports coach, one has to have an enthusiasm for his team and players. The sports coach should offer his 100% assistance for his team to help them excel in their sports. To get best performance from the team, the skill of motivation and encouragement should be used wisely whenever required by a sports coach. He should be good in his areas of expertise, though not necessary good in that particular sport (though that would definitely work as a plus point). We find many established players enter into the field of sports coaching after retirement, as their experience as a player adds up to their advantage. Even though a sports coach who is not good in a particular sport, he or she should be able to offer expert advice on all the area of that sport, which means they should possess the theoretical knowledge of that particular sport. The most important skill a sports coach should possess is the skill of reaching out to each and every member of his team. He should make it a point to communicate with each player of his team. A sports coach also needs a lot of patience and tactfulness all the time to work with young sport players and during assisting them.

Education of a Sports Coach

A sports coach can secure a Bachelors Degree in Sports Coaching after completing 10+2. He or she can also apply for Bachelor's Degree if he has secured minimum 50% marks with Physical Education as one of the main subjects for the sports coach qualification. Many universities impart Sports Education by offering degree courses based on percentage of marks. With a Bachelor's Degree, a qualified coach can apply for schools or colleges based on his qualification for the post of Sports Coach. Many private institution also offer Diploma courses in sports coaching which a graduate in other subjects can opt for, if he or she wishes to pursue sports coaching as a career.

Scope for a Sports Coach

A sports coach has loads of opportunities for coaching practices in schools, colleges, sports team, health clubs and sports team. Various private sector as well as public health sector may provide job opportunities for sports coach.  Once good results are achieved  a sports coach is very well recognized and wonderful job opportunities land on his door steps from national as well as international teams. A sports coach salary may just start to grow on the graph, as soon as he or she starts giving positive results. Once a sports coach gains recognition he can organize training camps or open his own training institute. A person with no physical education degree should not lose hope. If he or she still wishes to pursue a career as a sports coach, then starting as a volunteer coach is his or her stepping stone. Though a long mile to go, but it is a start in the career. Being a volunteer coach helps one start from a ground level by learning various aspects of sports training. Slowly and steadily a volunteer coach may get promoted to an assistant coach and in future end up being a sports coach. 

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