Thursday, July 13, 2017

What is Promethium

Silvery white in colour, Promethium is considered an harmful element due to its radioactivity. It was discovered by American chemists J. A. Marinsky, L. E. Glendenin and Charles Coryell in the year 1947. When discovered it was noted that Promethium would be only rare radioactive metal on earth. Though silvery white in colour, the salts of Promethium have red or pink colour which turn luminescence with a pale blue or green glow. Promethium derived its name from Prometheus, a Greek mythological figure.

Uses of Promethium

1. It is used to measure the thickness of materials like metal sheets.

2. It is used in atomic batteries, space craft and guided missiles.

3. It is also used as a portable x-ray source and a heat source which offers auxiliary power for space probes and satellites. 

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