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Story Writings Tips for Students

Stories have always been an important part of our growing up. Don't everyone of us have a beautiful story, a fascinating tale or an unforgettable memory to tell which relates to those amazing nights of our growing up. Be it an adventure tale, a fairy tale, a ghost story or even a short moral story, stories never fail to amaze us. When we hear a good story, we are thrilled and that, my dear friend can happen to people of any age group. Hence stories are thoroughly enjoyed only when they are told in a way that is engaging and interesting. Be it a fiction or a true tale, the story is enjoyable or engrossing depending on how it is written or how it is told. And hence it is very important to tell or write a good story.

Story writing is an art, which anyone can adept, provided story writing tips are followed. Story writing tips are important  for school kids. Usually for story writing, school students are provided with points related to the story. Students have to write a story based on the points provided to them. Here are few story writing tips that can help you write a good story.

Top Six Story Writing Tips for Students

Read and Follow the Outline

Before writing a story, it is very important to read the outline of the story. Once you read the story outline, make sure you get an clear idea of the story plot before you start writing the story. Understand the story plot and follow the outline carefully. Do not miss a single point that is been provided to you.

Connect the Points

Once the points are read and understood, it is important to connect the points in your head to get an idea how the story would be written. While connecting the points to make a story, remember to connect the points in a way that the story would sound natural and real. Do not omit a single point from the story that is to be written. Omitting a point would disconnect the story from the rest of the points.

Use your Imagination

It is important for students while writing a story to include all the points provided. But those are just few points, rest is all on the students to fill in the missing details. These missing details can be filled by coming up with something imaginary which they can freely use in the story. The students have total freedom of come up with whatever they feel can help them connect the points and write a good story. Imagination plays a greater role while composing a story by using a bare outline that has been provided.

Making Use of Direct Speech

A story can become interesting if direct speech is introduced in it. A student can use every tool to make the story interesting and enjoyable for its audience. So introducing conversation in a story can be a good idea and thus making use of direct speech can help the story look and sound natural. Remember if direct speech is not what you are planning to use in the story you are about to write, then ensure that the story is written in past tense.

Conclude Interestingly

Whenever we hear or read a story, we always await the ending or conclusion. If a story doesn't end up brilliantly then it is not a good story. The ending of a story has to be striking. Try and make the ending interesting by adding a surprise element. A story can have a happy ending or an ending with strong moral, but it has to be written with a twist or a surprise.

Give a Proper Title

Sometimes a story outline is provided for students to write a good story and also to come up with a suitable title. A student should come up with a title that suits the story perfectly. This title could include either the main characters of the story or one can use an object or incident included in the story as a perfect title. Use of proverbs or saying or even morals work as a good idea for the title.  


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  2. Thanks Kathleen...I am sure there is...Thank you for the suggestion. The above article deals with the basic tips on how a student should handle story writing. These basic story writing tips help them with the foundation and ideas on which a student can build their stories.


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