Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How are Memories Formed in the Brain

Sources: Google images
Our brain is known to tie the sights, smells, sounds and our own impressions on certain things or moments or experiences together into a relationship. This usually happens when we experience a certain feeling, sad or happy, about someone or something. These relationships tied together by our brain helps to create memories of that particular event or episodes. Memories are categorized based on the impression they make and time it takes for that particular memory to last. Memories that last not more than a couple of milliseconds are known as working memories; whereas a memory that lasts for an hour or even a year are long term memories.

The working memory is known to provide us vivid detail of thoughts that frequently appear on our mind. But a long term memory provides a slightly blurry image of many incidents that we have experienced together. Though one can possibly hold out as many long term memory as possible, yet not each and every memory provides crystal clear details. Only those memories are regarded as important, which focus on an experience which has strong impressions on our mind. And hence it usually happens that we forget some or the other details of a particular memory at a certain point of time. 

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