Friday, July 7, 2017

Rock Painting - Most Creative Activity for Kids

Painting on stones or stone painting or also called as rock painting can be one of the most creative activity ever. Stones and rocks come in different size and shapes and we get to explore our minds into how creative we can be with them and come up with unique stone painting designs. Rock Painting allows us the pleasure to be creative and also to decorate our homes in a personalized manner. A painted stone could be used as a corner piece or we can use them for decorating gardens. Painted stones can also be gifted to near and dear ones, thus it could be a perfect personalized gift item for special occasion. Wonder how proud a grand-mom would feel if she receives a rock painting as a gift, painted and decorated by her own grand-child. You could also gift it to dad or moms who may use them as paperweights in their office and always feel proud when they look at them. Thus rock painting is one of the most easy and interesting DIY projects for kids. The actual pleasure for the kids begins right from searching for the perfect stone to painting it with the selected design.

Though you could get these stones  or rocks nowadays at various home-decor stores; the fun is in finding the perfect stone while you visit a river side or a sea shore. Most important thing for stone painting is to find the perfect stone, which can be used to paint. Tip is to look for round, flat and smooth stone which can allow us to be more creative. When certain idea comes to our mind for stone painting art, we need to look out for stones which may help us shape and colour those ideas, for instance if you wish to stone paint a cat, then you need to look out for a stone which can help you shape up that idea or when we wish to make a  Ladybug Rock Painting then we use a flat and circular stone.  I am into habit of collecting stones whenever I visit a river or a beach. You could say it is one of my hobbies other then reading. I am amazed with the different shapes and sizes the stones come in, one of the nature's wonder that they are shaped the way they are. I gather stones whenever I visit outdoors, not just to be creative, but also because  I consider each of those stones as a memoir or a recollection of the journey I thoroughly enjoyed. Then I try and use these stones for getting a bit creative with stone painting. Don't worry if you find stones with little rough patches, as a little scrub with sand-paper may work on some stones for smoothening curves and edges.

How to do Rock Painting 

Once you have the perfect stone ready with you, all you need to do is come up with a design which would work out perfectly on the stone. Every stone that we select tells us what would they be designed or shaped into. Just a little imagination and you know what design and colour would go well with the shape of the stone.

One more tip about stone painting for beginners is to try to draw the design on a card paper. It is important to learn to draw the perfect shape before trying it on the stone. Draw the perfect shape on a paper sheet or a card paper and then colour it. So you know what you are getting into. Once the design is drawn and coloured on a paper, you can just copy the same on the stone. This way stone painting becomes much easier as you get a model ready to refer while finishing your art work.

When it comes to using colours on stones for stone painting, mostly all types of colours go well with them. You can easily use acrylic colours or even water colours for stone painting. If this is your first time to try stone painting, I suggest try using water colours. If the stone painting doesn't come out as you desire, you can simply wash the colours and start out again. This way children get to practice and get creative with stones  and always come up with easy rock painting ideas or designs. The stone painting activity is one of the most creative ideas for kids as they get to engage in a craft which involves colours one of the kid's favourite past time. Making simple stone painting designs can help kids be imaginative. A little help with basics and kids would themselves come with unique ideas of their own about what they should paint on the stone. Once a child gets his hands on a stone painting, he or she can try with acrylic colours. Once the child is happy with his creativity, then sealers can be used to keep his stone painting art last for longer time.

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