Friday, July 21, 2017

Paper Craft Ideas for Kids - How to Make a Spiral Snake

Kids enjoy craft ideas which help them be creative. Such simple craft work with paper should be encouraged to help a child enjoy his free time skillfully. Craft ideas using paper, paint or clay can, not just help a child be creative but also engage them in a productive way. Making simple craft activities can be introduced and encouraged as a hobby. Who knows starting with simple paper craft may just boost your child's talent and help him explore his capabilities.

Spiral Snake 
Making a spiral snake is a simple paper craft idea which can be a fun activity for kids. This spiral snake is easy to make and needs few material which are available at home. A child can make this spiral snake himself, but may require some help with cutting the paper depending on his age, though you could make use of child friendly scissors.

Materials required for making Spiral Snake

White Card Paper - 1 sheet
Child friendly scissors - 1
Pencil - 1
Black marker - 1
Sketch Pens / Felt pens - all colours
Glitter pens - any colour of your choice
Wool thread(of any colour) - 1/2 meter

Method for making Spiral Snake


Place a stencil or a circular plate on the card paper and with help of a pencil, draw a circle. Cut the circle with scissor.


Starting at any point on the rim of the circle, start drawing a spiral with a pencil slowly and continue working your way up to the center. Once the spiral is completed, using a marker carry on the pencil line to make a permanent spiral. The spiral should be drawn such that it should resemble a coiled-up snake.


With the pencil, lightly start marking sections along the spiral, dividing the spiral into different portions. Start from the tip or the tail or spiral snake and slowly move towards the face. It is not necessary that the portions or sections of the spiral should be of equal shape, you can divide them into uneven sections of your choice.


Once the sections are marked, start filling each portion with colours and designs of your choice. Try to include different patterns and colours in sections which are placed side by side. Try and use imagination while filling in the colours. Designs can be made by using glitter pens also. There is no specific rule of how you should fill in the colour and draw the designs. The children can use their imagination while doing so. Only remember that each spiral section needs to be coloured differently than its earlier section.


Remember to keep little space between each section while filling colours. Once you are done making designs and colouring all the sections, fill in the little space between each section with the help of a black marker.


Once the design is complete, start cutting the spiral shape from the tail area along the spiral made with black marker, till the mouth of the snake. Be careful while doing so, as you don't want to cut the snake in the middle.


Once done, tie a wool thread by making small hole on the center of the snake face. Tie the other end of the thread to any window curtain rod or any other preferable place, where the snake would get some breeze which will help it move. This spiral snake can be a perfect craft idea which works as a decoration for your child's room.

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