Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What is Palladium?

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A steel white in colour and ductile in nature, palladium is a tarnish-resistant metal which has a melting point of 1554 degrees C. It was discovered by William Hyde Wollastan in the year 1803 in England. The metal was named after the asteroid 'Pallas' which had been discovered at the same time as the metal. Also it gets it's name from the Greek god 'Pallas' which means Goddess of Wisdom. Palladium is denoted with the symbol Pd and has the atomic number 46. Though Palladium highly resembles Platinum, it is least dense an has the lowest melting point. 

What is Palladium Used For

Palladium is largely used in the jewelry industry for making jewelry. It is also used in dentistry in small amounts for making of dental amalgams which help decrease corrosion. Palladium also is used in making surgical instruments, electrical contacts, blood sugar strips, spark plugs of aircraft, watches and in automobile catalytic converters. The soft metal Palladium also plays a key role in the technology used for fuel cells which is used to combine hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity, heat and water. Palladium costs USD907.80 Per Troy Ounce (approximately 31 gm).

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